6470Hz transmission by DK7FC succesfuly received at SQ5BPF (900km distance)

Stefan DK7FC has been recently transmitting on 6470Hz (46km wavelength) from a stationary antenna between two buildings.

The Ebnaut transmissions were received by Paul Nicholson (England) and Jacek SQ5BPF (Poland) at a distance of 900km (IN49IK to KO02MD).

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We’ve Started!

We’re starting the klubnl.pl webpage.

We’ve been experimenting with unconventional communication methods for a long time. Unfortunately this was usually done in the comfort of our homes, and the results were not shared, which we now see as a mistake. The purpose of this page is to fix this mistake.

We will also be starting a forum soon.

The content will be mostly in  polish, but we will try do add something in english from time to time.