Radiostacja Babicka wpisana do rejestru zabytków

The remains of the Transatlantic Radiostation in Babice/Poland were added to the Register of objects of cultural heritage in Poland. This was the sister station of SAQ.

This was accomplished by Stowarzyszenie Park Kulturowy Transatlantycka Radiotelegraficzna Centrala Nadawcza Association.

News (in polish):,news,laczyla-nas-z-ameryka-byla-cudem-techniki-dawna-radiostacja-zabytkiem,248199.html



Decoding a 7-character ebnaut message on 6470Hz

On 3 June 2017 Stefan DK7FC did an 7 hour ebnaut transmission on 6470Hz with 7 characters. Previously i’ve been able to receive 2-3 character massages sent in a similar amount of time, however 7 characters seemed to be unreceivable. This article shows how the message was decoded, and may be useful to people starting to use linux and/or vlfrx-tools.
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