Complete archive of 20 years of the RSGB LF Reflector

The RSGB LF Reflector is the most important group for low-frequency enthusiasts. For many years list members have been witnesses to milestones in the 136kHz, 73kHz, 500kHz, 472kHz, VLF and lower bands. Many posts have great historical significance.

When we created the KLUBNL.PL website, one of our most important goals was to create a publicly available archive of this list:

In the beginning this archive spanned from 2014 up to now. Recently we imported archives kindly donated by Dave G3YXM and Markus DF6NM. Thanks to them the archive now spans from February 1999. 20 years of radioamateur longwave (and medium-wave) radio history!



End of NDB BIA on 474kHz

Sadly the NDB BIA on 474kHz in service at Rzeszów Airport has been turned off.

For many years the carrier at 474kHz and the sidebands at 473kHz and 475kHz were used by polish radioamateurs to check their 630m equipment. Foreign radioamateurs used this NDB to judge the propagation to Poland.

This will change the way we work in the CW segment in the 630m band in Europe. Up to now we had to use 472-472.7kHz or around 473.5kHz, and a narrow filter was necessary. After BIA is switched off we can use the whole 472-475kHz segment, also with wider filters.

NDB BIA 474kHz antenna