Decoding a 7-character ebnaut message on 6470Hz

On 3 June 2017 Stefan DK7FC did an 7 hour ebnaut transmission on 6470Hz with 7 characters. Previously i’ve been able to receive 2-3 character massages sent in a similar amount of time, however 7 characters seemed to be unreceivable. This article shows how the message was decoded, and may be useful to people starting to use linux and/or vlfrx-tools.
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Earth Electrode Antenna Tests

I conducted my first tests with earth electrode antenna in the nineties with the use of hot water installation. While drilling a well on my piece of land in the countryside I thought this could be just the right moment to explore this idea a bit more. A test drill for 5 meters provided a hole where I put an electrode. However, the soil in the hole was utterly dry and the electrode was not covered with it – it was just a two meters long aluminium L-beam. High resistance of this connection apparently influenced the antenna’s efficiency. A steel beam with ‘L’ cross section immersed in the water on the shore of a small lake served as the other electrode. The distance between the two electrodes was ca. 150 meters.


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