Who we are and what we do

Extraordinary Communications Club (Klub Niezwykłych Łączności) is for those who explore the fringes of amateur radio and other radio-communications. The primary language of this site is Polish, some content may be also in English.

No wavelengths are too long or too short for us.

No signal is too weak for us to not bother trying to receive it.

No conditions are too bad  for us, we’ll experiment anyway. We don’t have (yet) hundred meter masts, nor radioshacks way up in the mountains, most of our activity is from “normal” locations.

No mode is too old or too new for us. We love both CW and the newest digital modes (and sometimes even voice).

What we don’t do

Of course we can’t do everything.

We don’t deal with “normal” amateur radio bands.

Even though we use digital modes, on this site we don’t do common VHF and up digital modes, this site is not for DMR, DSTAR, NXDN, TETRA, HamNet etc.

These subjects are very interesting, and  our members are often very interested in  them. However there are thousands of publications and groups dealing with this, which can devote much more  resources to these subjects.

Jacek SQ5BPF, Marcin SQ2BXI