VLF transmissions at 22.5kHz 22.9kHz and 23kHz

In the morning around 08:00 UTC the following transmissions can be received:

  • A strong carrier at 23kHz, often modulated
  • Then a carrier at 22.9kHz
  • Then a carrier at 22.5kHz
  • Then a carrier at 23kHz

20170916 08:00:

20170916 11:00 UTC (you can see the signal strength in comparison with the very strong DHO38):

20170916 09:00 UTC:

the next day for comparison 20170917 09:00 UTC:


According to Claudio Re these are the russian Beta time stations, which are more active recently:




The signals were received at SQ5BPF QTH Warsaw/Poland KO02md with an e-field antenna.