SAQ on Air on May 1st

World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station participates in the ERIH event WORK it OUT – Industrial culture, on May 1 and as part of the event we plan for the first SAQ transmission since 2016.

The transmitter start-up will begin at 11.30 (9.30 UTC) and the transmission will begin on 17,2 kHz CW at 12.00 (10.00 UTC). You can also watch a live video stream of the event on

No QSL-cards will be given this time and no List of Reports will be constructed but we accept shorter Listeners Report to e-mail [email protected].

We sincerely hope that all the SAQ transmission on 17,2 kHz will go as planned, but as always there is a reservation that the transmission is cancelled with short notice.

//The Alexander association team @Grimeton, Sweden

A bridge on the Vistula river as an element of an antenna – earth dipole tests continued

Encouraged with the outcome of latest earth dipole tests I decided to continue testing of those interesting antennas.

This time, however, I aimed at:

  1. testing the possibility to transmit in 136 kHz
  2. checking how a good quality electrode will impact the antenna
  3. confirming that an earth dipole can work effectively above the ground with low resistance
  4. testing an antenna of this length to be able to receive signals at the lower end HF

I used a 0.6 mm copper plated steel pole (due to cost and no alternatives available). Resistance for the pole was over 1kOhm. The cord was spread across the field lying on the grass or in the bushes at the height of 0 – 2 meters above the ground level.

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