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Re: LF: Re: Black Sheep

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: Black Sheep
From: "mal hamilton" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 09:28:27 -0000
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My yahoo id is [email protected]
This ID works when I sign in - no problem but I still  cannot get anything from the list on the left of page.
de mal/g3kev
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From: John Gould
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 9:10 AM
Subject: Re: LF: Re: Black Sheep


Thanks, interesting point.  I can see that you are a member, but on my admin window I can see that you are missing a Yahoo ID.  Without this you don't get all the web facilities, like access to the poll, files, etc.  

I'm not sure whether you can set this up yourself by creating a Yahoo ID, but if not I can initiate a request for you to complete the formalities.  

73 John, G3WKL

On 4 June 2012 19:11, mal hamilton <[email protected]> wrote:
With my talktalk email account,  I cannot access any of the options that you specify. a Gmail account might be different
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From: John Gould
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 3:03 PM
Subject: Re: LF: Re: Black Sheep


I not sure that you are correct in saying that one needs a yahoo account.  I've subscribed to Yahoo! Groups with my Gmail account and that worked OK, so you should be able to join the RSGB_LF_Group with your Heidelberg e-mail account, wait for the membership to be authorised by one of the moderators, vote and then un-subscribe.  

I've not run a poll on this list - it was so easy to set up a poll on the other group that everyone can see who voted and how they voted.  

73 John, G3WKL

On 4 June 2012 15:50, Stefan Schäfer <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Clive, LF,

For those who simply subscribed to the list but without having a yahoo account it is not possible to vote! This situation is advantaging the pro-yahoo party. Please remind those who are blind for such facts that there are further members (outside the poll) who want to codeterminate in this process.

My vote is pro blacksheep and i would agree with the 2 group compromise. As long as the two groups are not treated like competitors, where one has to win and the other will be shut down after some time.

73, Stefan/DK7FC

Am 04.06.2012 13:15, schrieb Clive Lorton:
If you have voted it is possible to change your vote before the voting period ends.

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