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VLF: Just an idea...

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Subject: VLF: Just an idea...
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2017 12:12:52 +0200
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I just got an idea: From the last experiments on various VLF and ULF frequencies we saw different phase angles between day and night for different frequencies (and different locations). Maybe Paul can give an overview of the phases between our TX and RX locations for 8270, 6470, 5170, 2970, 4470 Hz... I remember he said that there is a day-night offset of 20 deg on 4470 Hz. Now, can we find a (or some) frequency where that offset is 0 ? Then we could try to run EbNaut messages with very long symbol lengths, instead of stacking. Of course, the terminator will mess up the SNR for a few hours. But in the end it could be an interesting game. So far, the longest symbol lengths used were 120 seconds or so. It would be interesting to use 600 seconds or so. I could try to send a 1 character message with 0 CRC bits, which would be the next interesting attempt.
Just a thought :-)

73, Stefan

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