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Re: LF: OT: Gizmo

To: LF Group <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: LF: OT: Gizmo
From: Chris Osborn <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 17:43:34 +0100
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I'm very sorry to hear of your sad loss Markus,

My previous cat also made 16 years before going SK
She used to wait on the front drive for me to come home from work then rush up and jump on to my shoulder.

My present cat is now 14 so I hope she has a few more years left.
She was a 'rescue' cat and despite years of care and affection is still very nervous of strangers.
We've had her for nearly 14 years and my one ambition is that she will one day sit on my lap . .

Chris G3XIZ

On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 2:24 PM, Markus Vester <[email protected]> wrote:

Something happened. Yesterday night, out red cat Gizmo died.

He was 16 years old, and had been living on borrowed time since a large tumor was found in April 2016. Beyond all expectations, we were allowed to share two more beautiful summers with him. During that time, we became even closer than before. Now we miss him very much.

Gizmo had always been very curious about my radio activities. Some LF group members might be aware of his name. So if someone happens to pick up a strange undidentified (V)LF signal of extraterrestrial origin, it may be that his ghost managed to get on air.

Best 73,
Markus (DF6NM)

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