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LF: Re: Loops v Verticals

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Subject: LF: Re: Loops v Verticals
From: WE0H Mike <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 19:31:53 -0500
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Well Mr Mal,

We US of A operators don't have any LF Amateur Radio bands so we can't drive our loops with the same level of power you run. I don't know why Bill Ashlock hasn't jumped in here, but in my opinion, the only fair way to compare the TX loop to your vertical would be to fly Bill over to your house and have him install one of his designed and tuned TX loops and drive it with the exact power level and mode of operation as you are using on your vertical. Now you would have a damn good comparison test of the Loop verses Mal's vertical.

Everyone doesn't have the knowledge or resources as the other guy has, so I believe all operators should be treated with respect for what they use and operate. At least they are on the band whether someone hears them or not. They enjoy what they do and I hope you enjoy what you do. We US LF operators respect each other whether we hate the other guy or not. We never post bullshit about others ideas. We don't pick fights on the US LF reflector. We don't piss and moan about the other guys equipment, antennas or their pissy ass attitude, let alone what he or she thinks would be a good station. It is all called respect for another human being and the understanding that they too have ideas, just like you do.

I invite you to come to my house and build whatever wire vertical you can on my lot. I have the Ashlock TX loop in the air already. We can operate under my Part-5 license with high power if you like. We'll let the US LF group decide which antenna works best in my backyard. Enjoy your vertical Mal. I hope it continues to work well for many years. I'll enjoy my antennas also. Have a good day.

73's es later dude,

hamilton mal wrote:
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From: "John Andrews" <[email protected]>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 7:23 PM
Subject: LF: Re: Loops v Verticals

For those that do not know. Research around Europe has shown that
are the only antennas suitable for Transmitting on LF. Loops are fine for
Receiving, little or large but the bigger the better. Who has ever heard
a LF broadcasting station using loops for TX. <


Perhaps because no LF broadcasting stations operate from small garden back
yards with trees and no open space.

I certainly have no quarrel with research done in Europe. Please encourage
those doing it to use this forum to discuss it. Thus far, I have only seen
your discouraging comments versus positive results from U.S.

Who in the U.S. has worked the distance on a loop that I have covered on
normal CW using a vertical
Scarborought to Russia, you must have read about it. If you need more info
let me know.
John Andrews, W1TAG


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