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Re: LF: New version OPERA >> ''Opera Dynamic'' <<

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Subject: Re: LF: New version OPERA >> ''Opera Dynamic'' <<
From: "Graham" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 17:35:49 -0000
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Well  nothing is  perfect ,  all  the  beacon systems produce  strange  spots  

I don't even   have  a  136  Tx  and  am  regularly  spotted on 136

2015-01-01 19:01:38 G0NBD   2056km 137513.376Hz   3mHz -36.6dBOp  95% 15.4dB

This looks  convincing to  me, two  at  the  same time into  UK/SV

00:34    136 WD2XNS de SV8CS Op32 Deep Search 4722 mi -42 dB in Zakynthos Island with 1w +
00:34    136 WD2XNS de 2E0ILY Op32 Deep Search 3245 mi -42 dB in Shropshire IO82qv with 1w +

As for   the  pdf ,  I got  the  impression  the  11 dB  claim  in the  opds  document  was a  little  optimistic, I note  Markus  talked  of  9 dB in a  recent  post, I assume that was perceived  as a  challenge ?, other than that content is  solely  under the  control  of the  artistic  director. 

One  thing  this  is 100% certain  technical  issues still  take  on a  east / west  divide ,
24 Hour  wspr  on LF 
24 Hours  Opera  LF

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Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 3:10 PM
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: LF: New version  OPERA  >>  ''Opera Dynamic'' << 

> Graham
> I won't be quite a 'charatable' as Mike ...
> There were at least two false detections on my transmitted signal (WD2XNS) last night that I saw ...
> one into G and one into SV. About the only way to tell they were false detections was the time lag
> between actual and the 'Deep Search' output - it wasn't the expected 4 minutes. Had there been no
> 'real' receptions during that time period one might have actually believed what was reported ... as
> you did and reported on the Yahoo reflector.
> On receive from here last night from there were false detections of VO1NA.
> I saw one detection of a G station in JA make the list! This was clearly a false detection. No doubt
> there were plenty of other false detections but after this couple hour 'outing' with 1.5.5 I gave up
> on it. It's clearly not ready for prime time and should be pulled from circulation and return to the
> drawing board!
> Perhaps the author, instead of taking the time to write a 'propaganda' .pdf page about DF6NM's OPDS
> and include it with the download, should spend more time actually making his software work as well
> as Markus's. In almost a year of using OPDS I have identified only one false detection. This is
> severly at odds with Jose's test of OPDS. Since Jose seems to now like the idea of Deep Search,
> maybe he should 'borrow' more ideas from Markus ... like the correlation % and dB 'certainty'
> indicator, an accurate time indicator and a highly accurate frequency readout. These indicators,
> especially when correlated with other OPDS users grabbers, makes the very rare false detection with
> OPDS obvious.
> At this point Markus's OPDS runs circles around Jose's Deep Search ... regardless of what his
> 'propaganda' page says.
> Jay W1VD  WD2XNS  WE2XGR/2
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