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LF: RE: Re: VE7TIL heard in Southern Oregon...

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Subject: LF: RE: Re: VE7TIL heard in Southern Oregon...
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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 19:26:25 -0500
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Smoke test huh??? Ralph let the fire out of his once. LOL!!!

Loops don't have that problem. Hmmm...


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Subject: LF: Re: VE7TIL heard in Southern Oregon...

The ground system
here consists of a direct connect via a piece of #4AWG to the plumbling
entering my home.
What Scott hasn't mentioned is that this essentially gives him the entire
city of Vancouver's copper pipe water system as a ground :-)

The power will be increased to ~300W either tonight or tomorrow.
I will get my generator gassed up for when the power grid trips out.
BTW...has the Vancouver FD been warned in case your end insulators aren't
big enough?

Steve / VE7SL

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