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Re: LF: Receivers

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Subject: Re: LF: Receivers
From: Ko Versteeg <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 22:23:27 +0200
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Mike Dennison wrote:

I am compiling a list of receivers and transceivers suitable for 136kHz. I know most of the older radios already but does anyone use a radio made in, say, the last five years that they use sucessfully? If so, does it need an LF pre- amp? Is the noise blanker any good on LF QRN and/or Loran? Is a narrow filter fitted as standard?
Your help would be appreciated.


Mike, G3XDV
Hello Mike

NRD 545:
Good sensitivity down to only 100 kHz, for LF i use 20dB Att all the time.

Noise blanker, 2 settings [Kill or Ruin] works too good so i never use it watching LF. In PSK31 or NAVTEX the NB seems to enhance the signal, too bad it does not allways work in CW.
AGC settings are adjustable from 0.04 to 5.1 seconds and can be set to
off also.
3 preset filters for cw 2.7K, 1K and 500 Hz and 10 Hz steps adjustable
fm 10 Hz to 9.99Khz.
Values differ when another mode is used but stay adjustable.

PBS is +2.30 Khz and -2.30 Khz, a double one would be more usefull as on the TS-940.
AGC discharge time, Bandwidth and PBS settings are displayed on a
separate LDC, nice at night :-)
1 Hz tuning steps.

Notch and a tracking notch wich tracks a carrier up and down for 10 Khz even if the VFO is used.
2 audio output sockets with same signals.

Came with TCXO and is steady in 120 Sec Qrss right from power up until the paint comes off.
Fine rig for LF, CW, Digimodes etc etc but it sounds terrible in SSB
nomatter what
speaker is used with it, Takes time to get used to and too bad the DSP
can't be switched off.
73 Ko, NL9222

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