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Re: ***SPAM***Re: VLF: GOTA

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Subject: Re: ***SPAM***Re: VLF: GOTA
From: Claudio Pozzi <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 10:59:16 +0100
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On Saturday, January 12, 2019 04:58:50 PM you wrote:

> Hi Roman, 

> Unfortunately, because of the bad attitude of DF7FC, and some others

> regarding the illegal use of public infrastructures as makeshift  TX

> antennas, it's best the operating details of the experimental 1.6 Hz kit

> are kept private, as this technology is to be used in other radio projects.

> Also, this tech must never be used on public utilities, and as DF7FC cannot

> be trusted, I have been advised to ensure it's with-held. Sorry to be such

> a bore, but when dealing with irresponsible (who should know better)

> licenced Radio Amateurs, this is the only course of action.

> This is not in any way personal, just a way of preventing the future and

> potentially dangerous abuse of public transport and  power supply

> infrastructures. They are not intended as TX antennas, and that idea is

> best dismissed. The RSGB and Ofcom will expressly agree with not connecting

> a TX to any infrastructure.

> With very kind regards,

> David.





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