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Re: LF: LF tonite

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Subject: Re: LF: LF tonite
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Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:46:19 -0500
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Thanks for the update on Brian. Next time you talk with him please say hello for me. He had quite an impressive signal on LF ... especially remember those mid to late afternoon captures. Think you speculated at the time that it might have been single hop.
Jay W1VD

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Subject: Re: LF: LF tonite

Hi Jay, Brian sold up the family home and plot in Porto (I think there was a fair bit of land) I think for development and moved out with his wife to Affife about 50km north of Porto near the coast. He started to reinstal aerials and had a solid outbuilding (shack/workshop build by local labout) and did some interesting measurements of his take off angle (sandy soil) but never got the enthusiam back for LF. I get an occasional phone call from him but the last was a year or so back. He had become deeply involved in building a Solar PV system with battery storage.
You can't keep a good engineer down:-))


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Subject: Re: LF: LF tonite


Keep an eye open for late afternoon TA LF receptions. I recall CT1DRP (whatever happened to Brian?) reception on DFCW as early as 2030Z on many ocassions. Quite often his signal would appear around that time for an hour or so, fade out, then make a comeback later in the evening.
Jay W1VD

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Sent: 11/15/2018 6:09:21 AM
Subject: Re: LF: LF tonite

Hi Stefan, LF

QSB was a factor last night. Isn't it always? I never had full
sequential call sign from DK7FC (missing only one 'dit') but I
consider the attached capture to be a full call sign copy.
Everything is clearly there, even if not sequential. Stefan, thanks
for the DFCW90 transmission! It is a pleasure to see this.

Today after some snow removal tasks I will work on optimizations to
the first of several SpecLab grabber instances (thanks Stefan).

Yesterday I had a successful full power test transmitting DFCW60.
Soon I will make an overnight appearance on DFCW. I don't know which
night(s) yet but I will announce it here.


On 11/14/18 1:41 PM, DK7FC wrote:
All right Paul.

And i should move to 136.172 kHz again soon, my home-frequency of the
old days ;-) The US stns usually transmitted arround 137.775...137.782
kHz. So we 'far away' from each other inside the band. A few grabbers
are watching that small region since years, without much activity in the
last time. We splitted over to many bands and modes.

Good luck for your transmissions.

73, Stefan

Am 14.11.2018 18:00, schrieb N1BUG:
Hi Stefan,

Very good! I just moved the 'roaming grabber' back to your
frequency. There is QRM now because I am testing my own station on
DFCW at full power, but I will stop my transmitter before sunset.


On 11/14/18 11:50 AM, DK7FC wrote:

Hi LF,

Tonite, there will be *DFCW-90* from my side. I'll stay at *137.620 Hz*.
Unusual, but you know, i'm currently bound to that frequency.

Starting at arround 21 UTC. Timing is not critical, which is unusual
too, these days :-)

73, Stefan

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