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Re: VLF: VO1NA in Todmorden on 8270 Hz - also in Amberg?

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Subject: Re: VLF: VO1NA in Todmorden on 8270 Hz - also in Amberg?
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Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2017 15:43:58 -0330 (NST)
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That's good to hear, Paul. There were some minor changes to the aerial
today so perhaps there may be a small phase shift.

Hopefully the S/N will improve when that strong signal moves up the band
tonight.  Nice work Stefan and Paul.

I think the capacitance increases with height because the capacitance of
the vertical component of the wire increases faster than the horizontal
component decreases it. Increasing the height should decrease the needed L and reduce the voltage and the ohmic loss in the coil and so increase the current. R_rad also goes up. If the current went up, it didn't increase by much.
Well, lets see what happens tonight with EbNaut.  I tried 16K23A and was
greeted with "error parsing [16K23A]" so perhaps:

cat msg6|ebnaut -et -N5 -p16K19A| sudo ebkey -S26 -m rp,gpio=23 -T '20171105 

might work.


On Sun, 5 Nov 2017, Paul Nicholson wrote:

Joe wrote:

the far halyard on the rotated L was taken in for
another increase in the average height of the aerial.
This is the first change since 25 Oct.
Stefan wrote:

it will have increased the radiation resistance!
I'm looking forward to Pauls new SNR report...
I got

4th/5th  H-field 10.46 dB 0.09 fT -106.5 deg
         E-field 10.34 dB         -107.8 deg
        Combined 14.62 dB

0.09 fT is a great signal.  S/N is poor because it was
a very noisy night, plus there's another strong signal
in the band that I'm measuring the noise over...

Paul Nicholson

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