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RE: LF: Paint buckets as coil forms

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Subject: RE: LF: Paint buckets as coil forms
From: VIGILANT Luis Fernández <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 11:09:58 +0000
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Thread-topic: LF: Paint buckets as coil forms
Warren. That's a perfect song for the job ! :-)
Thank you for the ideas Hugh
Yes, I have also some doubts about the quality of the plastic to last in UV light. But this is relatively easy to solve with another container
covering it all or as you propose, some spray coating for that purpose
For multilayer I was thinking about the Pyramidal Wound technique described at Rik page
Looks complex to manage with a thin wire. I made a two layer coil with 1.5mm2 wire using this technique and the thick of the wire helps a lot
to keep turns in place. Thinner wire may be doable with much more layers ..... may be ?
73 de Luis

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Asunto: Re: LF: Paint buckets as coil forms

Hello Luis.

Medium and large paint containers are usually slightly tapered to maximise storage space when empty and the plastic is generally polypropylene, sometimes polyethylene. Using various sizes around the garden I found some are very durable in sunlight and some disintegrate within a year, these are probably recycled plastic. Spraying them with paint could keep some UV light from destroying them as the opaque ones seem to last longer.
Why not go for multilayer windings to maximise the inductance? The containers being tapered, it will require sticking tape over each layer, especially if there is a high voltage present.

Hugh, M0DSZ.

On 29/04/2016 09:54, VIGILANT Luis Fernández wrote:
In my run for "the copper thing" I called a friend which is in the industrial painting
He is going to provide me a couple of paint buckets 29cm diameter by 31cm high
I plan to test a couple of coils with 0.4mm enameled copper using this buckets as forms
If it is not the best idea, please tell me before doing it that way
From the coil calculators I can estimate 750 turns for a single layer coil which would be about 105mH
The buckets can be plugged one inside the other. Similar as Markus/Stefan Yogourt containers
Can this stacking provide an increase of inductance ?? Something aprox to have a multi layer coil ?
Not counting any help from ferrite cores dopping .... I'm afraid that more than eight bucket coils will be needed
to reach over 800mH. A lot of copper wire and time to wound it indeed
Multi layer winding with 0.4mm wire looks like something really hard for me. Don´t know it ir really worths the effort
Any ideas for a proper music track during the winding process ?? Spherics perhaps ? ;-)
73 de Luis

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