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Re: LF: Paint buckets as coil forms

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Subject: Re: LF: Paint buckets as coil forms
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 13:38:46 +0200
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Am 29.04.2016 13:09, schrieb VIGILANT Luis Fernández:
For multilayer I was thinking about the Pyramidal Wound technique described at Rik page
Looks complex to manage with a thin wire. I made a two layer coil with 1.5mm2 wire using this technique and the thick of the wire helps a lot
to keep turns in place. Thinner wire may be doable with much more layers ..... may be ?

I do not recommend it.
BTW, before starting to wind a coil it would be useful to know the target value :-) So you need to know the antenna C and thus you need to have an existing antenna.
Do you already have your VLF antenna installed between the buildings / high houses?
What is the C?
Ah and btw it is worth to use a wire which has at least 1 mm diameter, better is 2 mm because of HV partial discharges (audible and visible and lossy and unstable-phase)!
If you have access to the high houses, you could even use 10 or 20 wires in parallel, spaced 0.5m or so. That would be ideal and the C would be high, voltages low and L low!

73, Stefan
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