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Re: LF: First MF TA since a longer time

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Subject: Re: LF: First MF TA since a longer time
From: "Alan Melia" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2015 09:50:33 +0100
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Hi Jay thanks for that observation. That iswhat I had believed but wanted to be certain. There is obviously a "coast effect" at Dave's, probably similat to Joe VO1NA, though he is closer to Europe too which complicates the "thinking".
Best Wishes
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Subject: Re: LF: First MF TA since a longer time


Note that reception here is never better than at Dave's with his ocean front location. During optimum conditions (for me) I can get close to his displayed s/n receptions. Many times I just have no reception at all.

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Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2015 12:22 PM
Subject: Re: LF: First MF TA since a longer time

Thank you John......those details tend to confirm the comment I made to Graham. the results from different receivers are dependent on their location. This is ratherwhy I suggested that one receiving station monitoring two or more senders. It would seem that if the ground conditions are that important then variation amongst different stations, then the signals might have a portion of the wave arriving via ground scatter......effectively a form of grounnd following wave. Otherwise I cannot see that the ground coductivity would have such different effects. I am assuming that the mail mode "ground bounce" about 2000km down range from the receiver is over water in all cases??
There is an argument that Graham made that suggests that even with one
receiving station there would be similar effects at the transmitting
end.....more variables demands more data :-))
Are there instances when John 'XKA and Jay receive better signals than
Dave and John 'TAG ....or are they always worse??
The background to this is my re-analysis of my 9 months of measurements
of CFH in 2003. They plainly show that good nights occur with a Dst of
more than -50nT and never occur if the Dst is less than -60nT. However
having a night with say (the magic :-)) ) -20nT does not guarantee good
signals. Selecting nights with around -20nT I cannot find any correlation
with any other parameter, and the spread is quite large......but this is
all on one fixed path. Sorry about the obsessive return to this but
difficult problems are the hardest to leave. :-))
Thanks for all your comments they are all absorbed.

Best Wishes

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Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2015 3:45 PM
Subject: Re: LF: First MF TA since a longer time

After one quiet night, the MF TA activity increased last night. Dave, AA1A (WD2XSH/17) had 4 spots on DK7FC from 0124 to 0234Z, and 3 spots on DF6NM from 0234 to 0314Z. I (W1TAG/1) had 3 spots on DK7FC from 0204 to 0234Z, and 2 spots on DF6NM from 0254-0314Z. Jay, W1VD (WE2XGR) had no TA spots, but good results to the west.
For Alan's head-scratching, Dave lives right on the Massachusetts coast,
about 200 km south of me. His path to EU does not have the overland
component that I do in southern (inland) Maine. Jay is 330 km southwest
of me, and has a considerable overland path to EU. We all live in an
area with very poor ground conductivity. The path to John, WG2XKA in
Vermont, who is 200 km west of me, is also more difficult.
Anyway, for the moment the best propagation appears to be in the
0200-0300Z range, so if you have shut down and gone to bed by that
point, you may miss out. All of this could change in a day, however!
John, W1TAG/1

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