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Re: LF: First MF TA since a longer time

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Subject: Re: LF: First MF TA since a longer time
From: John Andrews <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 10:45:58 -0400
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After one quiet night, the MF TA activity increased last night. Dave, AA1A (WD2XSH/17) had 4 spots on DK7FC from 0124 to 0234Z, and 3 spots on DF6NM from 0234 to 0314Z. I (W1TAG/1) had 3 spots on DK7FC from 0204 to 0234Z, and 2 spots on DF6NM from 0254-0314Z. Jay, W1VD (WE2XGR) had no TA spots, but good results to the west.
For Alan's head-scratching, Dave lives right on the Massachusetts coast,
about 200 km south of me. His path to EU does not have the overland
component that I do in southern (inland) Maine. Jay is 330 km southwest
of me, and has a considerable overland path to EU. We all live in an
area with very poor ground conductivity. The path to John, WG2XKA in
Vermont, who is 200 km west of me, is also more difficult.
Anyway, for the moment the best propagation appears to be in the
0200-0300Z range, so if you have shut down and gone to bed by that
point, you may miss out. All of this could change in a day, however!
John, W1TAG/1

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