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Re: LF: Re: RE: WOLF - ready to RX

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: RE: WOLF - ready to RX
From: Piotr Młynarski <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 22:01:13 +0200
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James Moritz wrote:

Dear Jim, Roger, LF Group,

The M0BMU WOLF beacon is now running on 503.500kHz - I don't know what frequency G7NKS plans to be on , but would suggest about 100Hz spacing. If you are at reasonably close distance, and set up on the right receive frequency, you should be seeing a trace about 20Hz wide in the centre of the WOLF waterfall. However, for more distant stations, you can expect successful decodes even when there is no visible trace. It should be interesting to see how WOLF fares when trying to receive a weaker signal close to a stronger one.
Any reports will be very welcome.

Dear Jim, LF  Group,
Yesterday evening/night i had all my rx boxes off . I just read the new posts on the reflector. among them, it was an email from John , GM4SLV John was saying it was too easy for him to decode WOLF transmision from Jim. I thought immediately it is going to be too difficult for me to do the same ..
but it was a nice surprise:
2009-09-10 19:36:31 >WOLF10  -r 11025 -f 1000 -t 3 -w 0.0000
t:  24 f:-2.129 a:-0.7 dp: 70.4 ci: 5 cj:257 27JXL*GCGV1KT0E ?
t:  48 f: 1.439 a: 0.1 dp: 70.4 ci:13 cj:290 5 CL/.XMV. Q7GO ?
t:  96 f:-0.322 a: 1.2 dp: 66.3 ci:11 cj: 46 X4*H4Y*08IQ/13X ?
t: 192 f: 0.303 pm:28.63 jm:286 q: -0.5 -1.2 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t: 288 f: 0.312 pm:32.73 jm:286 q:  2.5  2.1 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t: 384 f: 0.322 pm:45.78 jm:286 q:  2.0  2.2 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t: 480 f: 0.342 pm:62.10 jm:286 q: -0.3 -1.5 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t: 576 f: 0.342 pm:83.95 jm:286 q:  2.7  1.8 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t: 672 f: 0.342 pm:86.72 jm:286 q:  3.4  2.6 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t: 768 f: 0.361 pm:103.4 jm:287 q:  2.6  1.9 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t: 864 f: 0.371 pm:116.4 jm:287 q:  3.2  0.9 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t: 960 f: 0.371 pm:125.2 jm:287 q:  5.3  3.5 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t:1056 f: 0.381 pm:148.5 jm:287 q:  4.4  4.3 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t:1152 f: 0.381 pm:151.3 jm:287 q:  5.9  5.7 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -
t:1248 f: 0.381 pm:152.7 jm:287 q:  6.2  6.0 M0BMU IO91VR 2W -

                                        73 de peter, sq7mpj

qth: Lodz /jo91rs/

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