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RE: LF: new cw yahoo group

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Subject: RE: LF: new cw yahoo group
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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 04:38:43 -0800
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I was still using a morse print to tape machine into the 70's - commercially any way.

Racking my brain to remember the part number but it probably was a Creed of some version


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> Subject: Re: LF: new cw yahoo group
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> > As far as I know commercial morse services never tried to use the
> > morse
> > code for printing.
> SNIP............
> Wildly OT- but in fact- machine printing morse systems predated most
> other variants of machine printing telegraphy. These were, of course,
> wireline systems, not radio link based. The mechanics of the last
> generation of page (as opposed to tape) printing systems were
> incredible. Among some of the 'museum' stuff I have here, there is a
> GNT morse transmitter (Wheatstone pattern) that uses pre-punched paper
> tape and can operate at well over 200 wpm.
> 73
> Dave, ZL3FJ

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