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Re: LF: new cw yahoo group

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Subject: Re: LF: new cw yahoo group
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Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 15:24:50 -0000
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Bunsen burner were psuedo water cannons only in my day...

Conditions on LF are pretty good towards Eu

if any one wants to run on 136 give me a shout

Laurence 9V1 LF

From: "Reeves Paul" <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 2:58 PM
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Subject: RE: LF: new cw yahoo group

Are they still allowed to use Bunsen burners? I would think the 'Health &
Safety' legislation would have done away with them - just think of the risk
assessment (remembering burnt lines down the centre of the lab benches due
to generations of students.....)! As for what was in some of the cupboards
in the chemistry lab ... Porton Down would have been interested. It
certainly had the effect of attracting my interest (perhaps towards the more
'energetic' reactions...), even though I ended up as a physicist.

Paul   G8GJA

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Subject: Re: LF: new cw yahoo group

Hopefully, John, Someone or Something will do for them all one day!
 When we now have serious discussions about paying students to attend
to the sciences and engineering studies then I would suggest that the
politicians have already done for the sciences!
 By definition, this shows that there are no longer sufficient good
teachers in the system to excite and motivate students at an early age.
 Paying students to be taught by the mediocre will simply produce more
I just hope that the last good science teacher remembers to turn off
the Bunsen burner as he leaves! (Ooops, I forgot we will probably run
out of affordable gas by then!)

73 de Pat g4gvw

Thought for today:

What politicians do for science, hopefully science will do for them one

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From: John RABSON <[email protected]>
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Sent: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 7:48
Subject: Re: LF: new cw yahoo group

On 12/08/2008 at 18:16 [email protected] wrote:

What politicians do for science, hopefully science will do for them
Or _to_ them?

John F5VLF

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