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Re: LF: satellites

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Subject: Re: LF: satellites
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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 18:40:12 EDT
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In a message dated 16/07/2008 22:13:58 GMT Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
Radcom is not the only "Journal" to suffer
the attack of the "designers" Electronics World has had the same tacky
"make-over" .....
Hi Alan
I was reflecting after posting my comments that perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned individuals by name, but that it would have been difficult to make my point without it being obvious anyway as to whom I was referring.
I reflected too on the "demise" experienced by Wireless World or whatever they called it at the the time.
I'd comment on great minds thinking alike but, of course, am far too modest for that:-)
Joking apart, it was a sadly similar scenario of a once excellent technical publication sinking into insignificance with, yet again, some unfortunate editorial choices.
I remember one new editor seeming to take pride in his lack of electronic knowledge but wanting to encourage what he saw as Wireless World's reputation for inciting "controversy".
It didn't seem to occur to his limited editorial brain that Wireless World, as was anyway, didn't encourage controversy but rather didn't discourage the free exchange of ideas.
As you so rightly point out, WW has sunk to the level of an expensive nothingness.
Are we to conclude that RadCom is headed in the same direction?
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