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LF: Front panel lettering ?

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Subject: LF: Front panel lettering ?
From: CHRISTOPHER OSBORN <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 22:43:44 +0100 (BST)
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Many thanks for all the fast replies concerning my panel lettering problems.

I suspect that my hand is not steady enough for a black marker pen and results would prove illegible.
We use white labelling machines at work so may I give that a try on a test panel.
I've ordered some 'decal' paper from E -bay as I'd never come across that before and it sounds just the ticket.

Re the N.O.V. ERP measurement . . . very interesting.
On my application I made an assumption about the radiation resistance ( rightly or wrongly) and worked back to calculate an acceptable aerial current.
It's not too tricky to measure that and keep it within limits.

The current RadCom has an interesting article on 'Understanding Field Strength Measurements' which I've read and re-read several times.
Shoot me down in flames but can't one make an RF probe to measure the volts per metre at a set distance from the aerial and then work back to deduce the radiated power ??

73 Chris G3XIZ

Dave Sergeant <[email protected]> wrote:
Well I shall be using a black marker pen, like I did on my 5MHz TX.
Never was an artist...

Slowly getting there at G3YMC. TX is now putting a good 8W from a
MRF315 into a dummy load, fed by a G0MRF LPF built with T50-2 cores -
don't use T50-61 ones, they get very hot as I found out... Now
sorting out the bits for an inbuilt swr meter and should be starting
the metal bashing on Monday, so provided the antenna likes it I
should be on air sometime next week.

Interesting to see the comments about NOV details. I supplied a
marked up scaled copy of my deeds map, a photo of the vertical and a
few notes on what I intended to do and how it was impossible to
measure the ERP. NOV came back by return so must have worked - but a
note that I am ultimately responsible to ensure I don't cause any

73 Dave G3YMC

On 28 Apr 2007 at 20:43, CHRISTOPHER OSBORN wrote:

> I've finished my 500 kc/s TRX and the wiring is quite tidy.
> Any ideas how I can letter up the front panel controls ?
> I've tried 'Letraset' but it looked so bad I sanded it off and then
> resprayed the panel. Suggestions would be much appreciated.
> I had an interesting RX fault today.
> One of the audio transistors was going intermittent base-collector
> short-circuit. E-Bay transistors - 50 for a �1 - HI !
> 73 Chris G3XIZ

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