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LF: 136kHz-loop mystery

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Subject: LF: 136kHz-loop mystery
From: "jannsen" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 15:42:34 +0100
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Hi all,

i built a two turn transmitting loop abt 675 square metre. because of lack of wire it is not finished jet. it is 840 square metre (60m horiz * 14 m vertic and two metre above ground (moor)) in final state.
but thats not the mystery.

the ATU is. I have had up to three different matching techniques under test. all not so hot. got no more than 2A current in the loopwire (130W TX out).
at last I tried realizing a diagram with a toroid
(2*16 windings 5mm isolated litz).
local of event: summerhouse abt 100 metre off the residential -
connecting all the parts (huge turning condensers und toroid) to
the feeder my wife came into the house. reasoning with me abt the
unfinished works in the yard.

I did not stop soldering and got a circuitry not intentioned.

see attachment.  pse enlarge the graphic with ur graphic/paint progr.

now I do hear the grass growing. the typical loop charactristics have somewhat changed. I can receive the LORAN-C transmission though its transmitter is located in the direction of ant characteristical null. weak but audible.
3,7A current in the loopwire (abt 0.45 percent efficiency).

tks to my XYL. but who can tell me the function of that ATU ? does the toroid-coil act as coupling loop ?
pse no "if" statements.


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