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Re: LF: Re: Soundcard Mods

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: Soundcard Mods
From: "Alberto di Bene" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 13:14:25 +0100
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Dave Pick wrote:

If you're getting ambitious there are quite a few "pro" soundcards out there
which sample up to 96kHz, input filtering is probably quite good at 22kHz
One such card seems to be the Terratec DMX 6fire LT
From their Web site ( ) :
The DMX 6fire LT offers brilliant sound technology based on the successful
EWX®/EWS88® technology: 24-bit/96 kHz converters for all inputs and outputs
guarantee an absolutely flat frequency response and a signal-to-noise ratio
better than -104 dB!

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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