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LF: Newcomer F5PNP

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Subject: LF: Newcomer F5PNP
From: "Dick Rollema" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 10:17:35 +0200
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To All from PA0SE

Pascal, F5PNP wrote:

 Talking about holidays, i think it would be very interesting to have
a decametric frequency to know in real time if somebody is cqing on
like the VHF NET on 14340 MHZ....WHY NOT A 136KHZ NET ????...or if this
already exists, witch frequency do i use ?????.....
Their used to be a LF-net on MF/HF.  It started on 80m on Saturday mornings;
netcontroller was G4GVC.
It later moved to 160m on Sunday evenings and G3YXM took over as netcontrol.
Finally the net moved back to 80m on Sunday evenings, still with Dave,
in the chair.
But interest dropped away and the net died quietly.

To all the good advice for Pascal I add buying the "Low frequency
experimenters handbook",
edited by Peter, G3LDO. It can be bought from RSGB.
Make sure to regurlarly download corrections and additions from Peter's

73, Dick, PA0SE

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