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Re: LF: freq: monitor ??

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Subject: Re: LF: freq: monitor ??
From: "G3YXM" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 10:52:53 +0100
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Dear all, and welcome Pascal.

Pascal, I would recommend building a TX with at least 200W output to begin
with. Once you have made a few contacts you can improve the antenna etc. and
then try QRP. I think you will be disappointed if you start with only 5W.
Steve has been improving his station for years before he tried his QRP
experiment and he has the advantage of quite a few stations about 100km away
to give reports.
Having said that, if you have a computer in the shack, it would be
interesting to see how far you could go with QRSS....

On the subject of toroids:

I discovered that Arrow electronics had put the price up to about £15 for
the 58mm 3C85 cores when I last bought some, so beware the cost of the
smaller ones too. I don't know the part numbers for the 3C90 versions.

I still have some of the expensive big ones if anyone wants them.

73. Dave G3YXM

[email protected]

Hello and welcome to Pascal F5PNP!

To Everyone:
Many LFers in Europe and elsewhere have found local companies
that sell 3c85/3c90 ring cores, and I would be happy to update my
web-site with details of companies that sell these ring cores in
small quantities: Please Email me direct with the details!

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