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LF: Re: freq: monitor ??

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Subject: LF: Re: freq: monitor ??
From: "f5maf" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 19:30:39 +0200
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Cher Pascal,
C'est une antenne qui fonctionne bien, mais hélas un peu juste pur le sud
Pour ma part il y a 20 metres de perimetre avec un FET VN10.
Pour le convertisseur, celui de DF3LP marche tres bien.
Mais on peut aussi n'utiliser que la partie preselection.
Avantage : la stabilite!.
Bonne realisation.
Marc F5MAF

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From: f6kaw radio club d'ivry <[email protected]>
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Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 9:32 PM
Subject: LF: freq: monitor ??

From Pascal, F5PNP....

    I'm a very, very newcomer in the world of LF...I visited a lot of
on internet to collect some informations about the activity, and plan to
built the little transmitter from GW4ALG (the marathon...)when i will find
the way to change the 3c85 core by another one...hi !!! ('cause impossible
to find it in FRANCE...)....
   I prepare also a little converter (10.136mhz/136khz), because i think
that with only the FT847 direct on 136khz, and a dipole on 40 m, it 's not
the right way to hear something on this band, or am i wrong ??????
    I prepared also a "DF3LP COAX LOOP" to use during my holidays between
july and august in south west FRANCE.
Does anyone use this little antenna wit succes???   (2.20m
     Talking about holidays, i think it would be very interesting to have
decametric frequency to know in real time if somebody is cqing on 136khz,
like the VHF NET on 14340 MHZ....WHY NOT A 136KHZ NET ????...or if this
already exists, witch frequency do i use ?????.....
    Another and last question, which may be evident for expert, but not
me although the photographs.... In a variometer, the coil inside is put in
serie between the two outer coil of the variometer; or we build first the
outer coil, and then, we connect the inside coil in serie to
(i don't know if i'm not a little too complex...!!!!  hi!!!)...
   please excuse my bad english 73's to all, good dx, and
hope to hear you soon on 136khz...Pascal...

   http://[email protected]
  radio club mail: http://[email protected]

     PS: i'm a member of the radio club of ivry, F6KAW, near
our web site:
             hope to be soon qrv on 136 khz !!!

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