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LF:Redifon MF Beacon TXs Info?

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Subject: LF:Redifon MF Beacon TXs Info?
From: "Roger Basford" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 13:58:19 +0000
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I posted this request to the newsgroup without success,
so I thought someone on this list may be able to help, as it's more a
MF/LF "thing".

I'm looking for info on the Redifon G142 MF beacon transmitter which
would appear to have some potential for modification to 136 kHz. The TX
is all-valved, runs a 3 by 5B/255M PA, plate & screen modulated by a
pair of 5B/254Ms and runs MCW or CW. It would appear to be on approx 360
kHz at present, crystal-controlled. I'd like a circuit diagram if
possible or at least some idea of it's lower design frequency, the
present owner has been told this is around 200kHz. There 2 complete rigs
in racks plus another for spares with some component spares as well.
Although the seller wants a fairly high QRK for the lot I think this
would make an interesting project and am keen to get on the band by this
route, if feasible.

Finally, one TX is marked "BN", which I take to be it's former callsign,
any idea where this was/is?


Roger Basford

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