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Re: LF: PSK31

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Subject: Re: LF: PSK31
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Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 08:53:10 GMT
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produces 250W key-down (PEP) and obviously shows less average when sending
PSK31 due to the holes in it! Do you intend to use BPSK or QPSK? Any other
parameters I should set?  I have copied several stations on 80 so the RX
works OK. I will put out some calls down the bottom of the band, about
136.2, at around 8pm for the rest of the week. I will listen co-channel.
Any reports gratefully received.
BPSK is the norm, as it is effectively 3dB up in S/N over QPSK.  If the link
shows burst errors we transfer to the QPSK mode which is targetted against
that sort of interference.  There are no other parameters to set, just
remember that the Tx tone setting can actually cover the whole of this LF
band over its 200 - 2999 Hz range so be carefull if you change it!

Be listening at 2000z when I can.
Andy  G4JNT

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