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Re: LF: PSK31

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Subject: Re: LF: PSK31
From: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 08:51:05 GMT
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Some of you may have heard me making funny noises on 136. This has been a
test of my PSK31 equipment. I can now produce about 200W or so of the stuff
which is about 6dB down on my normal level but probably good enough for a
test. Is anyone else ready to give it a try? Please let me know and we can
set up a sked.
I am using Peter G3PLX's soundblaster software to send and receive.
I'm ready to go anytime with this mode, only about 30 - 40 Watts though.
Haven't yet built an 'MRF PA  after blowing one of the  Maplin modules
during the Transatlantic tests earlier.

Is that 6dB down on mean power ?  As PSK31 has a peak to mean ratio of
exactly 3dB I suspect the extra power reduction is to get the transmitter
into a suitable linear region.

If I hear you I'll reply directly.

Had a PSK31 QSO with G3PLX a year ago,  390 km with near 100% copy each way
- In the region of 100 Watts each end.

Andy  G4JNT

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