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LF: Ferrite rod array

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Subject: LF: Ferrite rod array
From: "Peter W. Schnoor" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 14:51:17 +0100
Organization: Clinic of Nephrology
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Hello Group,

I´m planning to combine the output of 8 ferrite rods for comparision to my coax loop. Each rod has it´s own coil.
How should I arrange this array for
highest performance? One above the other? Next to each other? On a straight line? Filling a volume?
Some years ago I built a "monster" ferrite
rod by glueing 5x18cm rods together. It was
much better than bundling them. Of course it
was too fragile to handle and had only one
coil. I don´t know how to simulate a ferrite
rod with NEC.
Any ideas?

54°16'N / 10°04'E, JO54ag
73 es gl de Peter, DF3LP

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