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RE: LF: RE: Transformer questions.

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Subject: RE: LF: RE: Transformer questions.
From: "Clemens Paul" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2017 14:19:54 +0200
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Hi Chris,

ok, I hope I have now understood your set up and what you may possibly want to 
Present configuration:

>2  X  amps to combiner via 2 off 12 inches Teflon coax cables : Combiner
>to  LPF via 12 inches Teflon co-ax : Combiner to outside about 40 feet
>RG-213  co-ax  :  Outside  is impedance matching transformer on top of
>loading  coil / variometer : Impedance matching transformer to loading
>coil  via  12  inches  RG-213 : Loading coil feeds vertical section of
>antenna directly. 

And from an earlier post by you:

>>Can I wind the isolating
>>transformer as a 1 : 1 and do impedance matching (which changes with
>>weather / foliage growth) indoors using a tapped combiner auto

So you want to modify the combiner-autotransformer into a tapped one
and OTOH modify the tapped isolation transformer into a non-tapped 1:1 one.(?)

This would be not a good idea.
The combiner XFM would not work any more,the LPF would not work any more 
Both need to see 50 Ohm.
Even if you cancel out the antenna/feeder reactance by the loading 
coil/variometer you are left with a
very low real part of impedance of a few Ohm.
So beside the malfunction of the combiner and the LPF you would get a loss of 
about 2dB on the 40 feet
coax (assuming 2 Ohm for the real part).



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>Hello Clemens,
>It  is  between  the  outdoor end of the RG-1213 co-ax and the loading
>coil,  although  it's  not   1  :  1 at the moment, it has taps on the
>primary and the secondary to fiddle with.
>Saturday, June 24, 2017, 7:45:48 PM, you wrote:
>> And where is the 1:1 isolation transformer inserted?
>> 73
>> Clemens
>> DL4RAJ  
>Best regards,
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