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Subject: LF: WSPR-15
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 15:07:54 +0200
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Hi Paul,

I've never had serious problems with the WSJT-X software running in WSPR-15 mode. However they did not continue to develop WSPR-15 since some years. For example the multi-pass decode option is not available for WSPR-15, a pity. Obviously they lost their interest, because it is 'just' LF, and there are not many users. If i remember correctly it was 2012 when i've been in contact with K1JT to talk about WSPR-15. That was the time he released the mode. He even was a member of this group for some time in that year. So i would assume they rather want to drop their interest in that mode for the future. Anyway we can use the old version which has of course the same performance than in 2013...
One can assume an improvement of up to 9 dB, in theory and practice...

73, Stefan

Am 27.03.2017 13:22, schrieb N1BUG:
On 03/27/2017 03:08 AM, Alex R7NT wrote:

I'm more interested in WSPR15 vs WSPR2 vs OP32 :-)
What are the ideas about this?

I believe WSPR15 is better against WSPR2 on LF for long distances in
the usual propagation
Hi Alex.

I am very interested in WSPR15.

Unfortunately the only WSPR15 decoder seems to be WSPR-X software which many of us cannot use. It is always crashing, freezing, stopping on many PCs.
If someday the developers put WSPR15 in the stable WSJT-X software (or
someone writes another decoder software) then I think it has a chance
to become more popular. I am waiting!
When (if) there is a stable decoder I will listen for WSPR15 in
parallel with WSPR2.

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