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RE: ULF: EbNaut over 3 wavelengths on ULF

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Subject: RE: ULF: EbNaut over 3 wavelengths on ULF
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Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2017 17:26:18 -0500
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Excellent diagnostic method and implementation. 

Thanks also for applying the method to the ULF experiments, and to 3kHz 
propagation in general. I don’t remember seeing a measurement of the type that 
you have made, near the rather unique region of ~ 2.5 kHz to 4 kHz and at these 
distances in which modal and polarization effects can be substantial. Very 

Even the fact that the method is apparently robust at 3kHz to the path 
disturbance caused by the aggregate lightning; and to the anisotropy of the 
lightning is interesting and valuable. The accuracy of commercial lightning 
geolocation for example couldn’t be extrapolated directly to a prediction of 
robustness of your method to the path disturbance caused by aggregate 
lightning; and to anisotropy of the lightning even with 172 sferics. Thank you 
for a collection of valuable observations and findings



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Subject: Re: ULF: EbNaut over 3 wavelengths on ULF

On the 26th there was stormy weather all day near Marseille, not exactly 
Heidelberg but it's a start.  It's in the right quadrant but longer distance.

(It made me think of Garlaban and I ended up reading La lettre de Lili des 
Bellons à Marcel Pagnol - moving and beautiful.)

I used vttoga to collect timings of all the sferics received at Todmorden, 
Bielefeld and Cumiana during 10:00 to 14:00.  Then I used vtspot to determine 
which sferics originated in the region
of Marseille.   This produced a list of 172 sferics to analyse.

I inspected each one using vtplot and discarded the scruffy ones, keeping the 
best 54.

vtcmp -m pd360 then compared the phase angles from the three rx channels during 
each sferic.

I concluded that the relative phase of the channels was just as expected for 
this quadrant at 3kHz.  That means the propagation cannot be doing anything too 
surprising with the polarisation at this frequency.

Paul Nicholson

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