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Re: VLF: Kites

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Subject: Re: VLF: Kites
From: Johan Bodin <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 14:53:12 +0200
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I 've had good experience with box kites. I used to play with the classic version many years ago. The lift is impressive already at moderate wind and may even become dangerous at strong winds (not joking!). Winged box kites, the "French military versions" et.c. may also be worth a look.
73 de
Johan SM6LKM

DK7FC wrote:
Hi Paul,

With a 'power sled 36' i run LF transmissions in France. The kite was up in the air for > 24 hours without a break. I even went to bed (tent) while it stayed up :-) But of course it depends on the wind stability.
That kite can carry 300m of wire , you know.
There is a smaller version called 'power sled 24' which is maybe even a better choice when the wind is strong and the string is short.
Looking forward to your first transmissions.

73, Stefan

PS: A kite CW QSO on LF, that would be fine!

Am 24.04.2016 23:43, schrieb Paul Nicholson:
Here I am limited to 60m unless I notify the aviation
authority (which I don't want to do), so I thought about
using 2 or even 3 kites in a row each at 60m, spaced maybe
100m or so.

Trying this cheap and simple single line parafoil

It says "stable and accurate flight".  Well my experience is
different!   I think the winds are a bit too strong and it
quickly becomes unstable.   Next experiment will add two tails.

I've got to give this cheap kite a good try, because the next
size up is £50.   It seems to have plenty of pull, enough to
lift a thin wire, just need to make it stable...

If I can get something to stay up for more than a few minutes,
I might try some LF transmission.  That could be entertaining.

Paul Nicholson

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