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Re: LF: CW beacon 477.7 kHz

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Subject: Re: LF: CW beacon 477.7 kHz
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Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 20:32:20 -0230 (NDT)
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Hi Stefan,

Lots of QRN on your grabber! I doubt there will be an TA reception
of my signals. Mabybe some nearby VE and W stations might get a

73 and thanks for your reply

On Thu, 25 Jun 2015, DK7FC wrote:

Hi Joe,

With 50W, even from your antenna, there is no chance for an aural copy here. Maybe for stations with a directional antenna living closer to the sea. But even today, there is no chance i assume. The QRN is EXTREME!! See
73, Stefan

Am 25.06.2015 00:01, schrieb [email protected]:
Dear Group,

I'm running a beacon day & night.  50 watts to the monopole 12 WPM
and a 5 second carrier.

Reports welcomed from anywhere.

Thanks and 73

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