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Re: LF: 630M WSPR T/A

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Subject: Re: LF: 630M WSPR T/A
From: Tobias DG3LV <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 02:13:47 +0200
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Hi MF !

This night I will be running (Rx only) two instances of WSPR-X in WSPR-2 and WSPR-15 mode on MF, if someone wants to do some testing.
Antenna PA0RDT, Rx = Softrock 6.2, QTH JO53gv

BTW : just saw someone transmitting frequently on 475.700 with a 9-second time-lag. Good signal, but -of course- no decodes!
73 de dg3lv Tobias

Am 26.05.2015 um 01:16 schrieb DK7FC:
Am 25.05.2015 22:55, schrieb wolf_dl4yhf:
p.s. is there a possibility to filter / display only WSPR-15 decodes
from the database, and how widespread is the use of that mode ?
...there have been a few MF TA tests in WSPR-15 in the early 630m days,
showing that this mode is to slow for the path on that band. These tests
have not been very extended though. But most likely there is not a
'gain' of 9 dB over WSPR-2. I would assume that successful detections
are even less likely in that mode over the pond.

73, Stefan

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