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Re: LF: Interesting 630M WSPR night

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Subject: Re: LF: Interesting 630M WSPR night
From: pa3abk <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 17:22:41 +0200
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Surprise for me.
Didn't expect my call in your list.
Shut down this morning assuming there wasn't any TA anyhow, didn't bother to check it.
100W in a relatively low/small antenna.
Terracehouse enviroment, small garden. Non agressive timing. Frequency on the upperedge of WSPR spectrum.
Can't explain why. Just a lucky shot when peaking :-)
Fun stuff indeed.

Thanks for the report John.

On 24-5-2015 15:14, John Andrews wrote:
I had an interesting hour of copy on 630 Meters last night:

02:30      DK7FC      0.475684      -28      0      JN49ik
02:26      DK7FC      0.475684      -24      0      JN49ik
02:22      DK7FC      0.475684      -23      0      JN49ik
02:18      DK7FC      0.475684      -22      0      JN49ik
02:14      DK7FC 0.475684      -24      0       JN49ik
02:12  PA3ABK/2     0.475740      -26      0      JO21it
02:10      DK7FC      0.475684      -24      0      JN49ik
01:46      DK7FC      0.475684      -27      0      JN49ik
01:26      DK7FC      0.475684      -26      0      JN49ik

No U.S. stations, just the above. I don't think there was a lot of U.S.
activity at that point. I had not turned the gear on until about 0125Z,
and did not expect much for results, as our neighbor to the north was
here at the lake this weekend, and the noise level was fairly high.

I suspect that this is an example of constructive fading, probably the
sum of multi-path signals that added just right at this distance for a

Fun stuff!

John, W1TAG/1
Raymond, Maine FN43sv

pa3abk <-> dordrecht jo21it
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