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LF: The Wideband Noise

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Subject: LF: The Wideband Noise
From: John P-G <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 23:37:08 +0000
Organization: The Gammy Bird
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I've had some correspondence with John G3WKL and Colin G3PSM about the
new "commercial" wideband data noise that occupies 498-502kHz

It seems to be a test of an impending data system for marine use.

Colin would like some information about where, and when, it can be
heard or otherwise detected. It appears to be being driven by the

Forthe record I can hear it here in Shetland. It faded up tonight at
approx 1615 UTC and is audible and visible on a waterfall display.

I haven't been in a position to DF it, but in the first instance Colin
would like to gather some information about where it is being received.

I can collate the information for him if anyone who is affected by, or
can simply detect, this noise/data signal could give details either
direct, or via the LF group. I know a lot of discussion has been had
already, but a quick note now could be useful, as there is a meeting
soon to discuss this, and other aspects of WRC2012.



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