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Re: LF: My first WSPR spots

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Subject: Re: LF: My first WSPR spots
From: Roman RW3ADB <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 00:43:04 +0400
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Congratulations Roger!
Are the same with my condition! =)
7.5m high steel mast and ~20m 1/4 sloper for 80m band from 7.5m to 1.5m over the roof of high-scraper 17 floors.
70m cable RG6U to my room and FT897D w/o any presel and LNA.

Looking my reports ->500
I'm copied G/GM stations on 500 some time. QRB ~2600 km's


* Roger Lapthorn <[email protected]> [Sun, 13 Sep 2009 21:28:58 +0100]:
If you could SEE my TX, "antenna" and ATU you would realise how
I am
at this report from G3XVL. My antenna is literally 15m of low
wire with about 2m of it vertical, a central heating ground and an ATU
the bedroom table made from a ferrite rod and fed with 700mW from a
2N3906/2N3904. This proves that 500kHz is possible with a
*really*minimalist station. I can only imagine what will be possible
with some
effort on my part.

Today has been one of the most enjoyable since I got my licence in
Thanks to everyone on this list for encouraging me.

Roger G3XBM

2009/9/13 Chris McCarthy <[email protected]>

> Roger,
> I can beat that your reception report from Ipswich, Suffolk
>   2009-09-13 20:12   G3XBM   0.503922   -27   1   JO02dg   0.001
>  JO02nb   61   112 well done,
> Chris G3XVL
> 2009/9/13 Roger Lapthorn <[email protected]>
> All of 3kms away (whoa DX!!) but I just got my first WSPR report on
>>    2009-09-13 20:04   G3XBM   0.503908   -6   0   JO02dg   0.001
>>  JO02dg   0   0   2009-09-13 20:02   G3XBM   0.503910   -12   -1
>>  JO02dg   0.001   G6ALB   JO02dg   0   0
>> At least the signal is getting across the fields at the back of the
>> Andrew G6ALB is in the next village. You can see by my report that
have a
>> LOT of work to do....
>> 73s
>> Roger G3XBM
>> --
>> -------------------------------------------------------------
>> G3XBM    GQRP 1678      ISWL G11088

Roman RW3ADB.

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