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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 20:16:08 +1000
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I am not from Yorkshire and therefore the Yorkshire accent is non
Sorry - I thought Scarborough was in Yorkshire - I will have to look up
Google Maps.
Or perhaps you mean you are a blow in (not born there, but moved there..).

We have strayed away from LF/MF time to get back on track What is WSPR
doing for AUSTRALIA?
I like to learn. I believe I will have something to learn everyday until I
die. At least that is my fervent wish (to learn, not to die...).
I played with WSPR for a couple of months and it taught me a lot about
propagation. With normal ham operation you don't get the 24/7 band
opening watch as you do with WSPR.
WSPR is not for everyone - especially if you are after the awards. I am a
self-confessed non-award chaser.
For those who, like myself, are still fascinated by the sheer magic of radio
even after 40 years, WSPR allows a fascinating (granted non-perfect) view of
radio propagation.
Here in Australia (I speak for the period when I was using it), it kindled a
lot of interest and discussion amongst those of us who like talking about
radio to like-minded individuals. I can only say it has been a positive
These days the newest interest in VK for a lot of us is our newly acquired
access to the 136kHz.
Despite being old hat for some over there, here it has sparked a rush to the
soldering irons and delving into raising the bar regarding frequency
accuracy and stability.
Spare a though for us in VK, just when we have arrived at the 136kHz trough,
the rest of the world is heading off for the 500kHz feeding station
(including our leaders in things LF/MF over here, the Kiwis...)
73   Steve Olney - VK2XV

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