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LF: Malcontent...

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Subject: LF: Malcontent...
From: "VK2ZTO" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 10:32:47 +1000
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G'day All,

I can't believe why you guys get so steamed up about Mal's comments. Surely you know Mal is a troll (internet term - look it up...).
If you don't believe me go to link below - its official....

Note the Guild name....

Seriously - Mal has a right to express an opinion (perhaps not in UPPER CASE..), and everyone has a right to respond - but just be aware he is a troll. You can rise to the bait or not - your choice. As a fisherman nothing gives Mal more pleasure than a bite (including, I suspect, this one).
Mal and I go back a long way - he has amused me for longer than I can
remember. So much so I have kept a record of some of his "gems". He
has been trying for the Worked All Northern Continents award for years now.
Here are a few of my personal favourite quotes (taking from the PUBLIC
record, not from personal communications with me old china plate).
****Taken during Mal's QRSS/computer/digital bashing stage....*****

"To date all qrss activity that I have seen could be
copied on normal aural cw at my qth. I suppose if one has a poor
antenna, low power and a noisy qth then maybe qrss is the only way if
you must work on 136 khz. Fortunately I do not have these problems.
73 de Mal/G3KEV"

"Qrss is discouraging experimenters from improving their antennas,
receivers and associated equipment to make a normal aural qso. It is also
encouraging nodding off (sleeping) during the hours that it takes to get a
OOO, OXO etc
I hope the lazy mans cw will not prevail above 20 khz !!!
73 de Mal/G3KEV"

"Suggested awards for those long haul qso's across the atlantic.

Grade 1......
Grade 2.....
Grade 3  Those using a sophisticated computer generated mode like very slow
Good Luck de G3KEV"

"At present it seems to be the TAIL WAGGING THE DOG with the few trying to
convince the rest of us that we should go to psk, lazy mans cw generated and
displayed by a video monitor, or long long dashes on high power causing qrm
to the rest of potential users of the band

*****Look familiar ?    Remember this is from years ago.******

*****Then Mal had a conversion.... starts out with lower case qrs and builds to an upper case QRS....*****
"Considering the bandwith constraints on both 73 and 136 khz the most
efficient method is normal CW whether it be qrs or normal speed where
My suggestion as previously stated it to learn and operate conventional
CW and know your appropriate Q codes and use QRS or normal speed as
73 De G3KEV"

"I tried some 60 sec dot qrs last night for a short time around 2330...

The old system worked very well when everyone was on QRS side by side
73 and Happy New Year to all de Mal/G3KEV"

"...or any advantage
over QRS which takes the minimum bandwith of all the modes to achieve the
object on a very narrow band.

the only suitable mode for this
band is CW, normal speed and QRS.

"Thanks John for the confirmation that my signals were visible and readable last night. I will be on tonight at the same time 2300 - 0200 approx same qrg 135.922
khz and QRS 60 sec dots.
de Mal/G3KEV"

"Yes I would like the screen shots please.
de Mal/G3KEV"

So - cut Mal some slack. He is almost always right - its just he is always a few years behind everyone else.
WSPR is just Mal's latest whipping post. You can choose to be tied to it
or not....
73 Steve VK2ZTO

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