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Re: LF: Re: PhaseScope beta 1.0 release...

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: PhaseScope beta 1.0 release...
From: Scott Tilley <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 17:32:37 -0700
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After rereading your question I think I missed the point...

The TX needs to be GPS stablized. If it isn't the readout from the clicklock alg. will be meaningless at best and nothing at worst. Consider the BW of the signal if we're integrating over 300 seconds! That's +/- a couple of mHz, so not alot of room for error. Thankfully, GPSs and DDS setups make this easy to deal with. It's like seeing the world through a powerful telescope. If you're not setup correctly or the signal you're looking for is wandering around it will be next to impossible to find and make measurements on.

Scott Tilley wrote:

Your RX needs to be stable to within a Hz if it is Clicklock can deal with the variations... If the RX is say 2 Hz off calibration then simply offset the integer value set in phase scope to deal with this... RX stability to within a Hz (+- 0.5Hz) is the most important feature and most LF receivers do this well. Otherwise the Clicklock alg. can deal with it...
I'm sure Peter will go on and on about this shortly :-)

Good luck.

Dave Brown wrote:
Hi Scott
Wondering just how close to nominal does the tx have to be maintained to stay 'in view' so to speak?
Dave, ZL3FJ

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Subject: LF: PhaseScope beta 1.0 release...

PhaseScope based on the 'Clicklock' algorithm by Peter Martinez, G3PLX is now available for download and testing by interested experimenters.
Download the archive here:

I have only tested it on a system running Windows XP. If you are interested in a MAC or Linux build let me know as the API used and the coding allows this... An earlier Linux alpha version was tested successfully...
The package comes with detailed instructions.

Comments and bug reports encouraged.

73 Scott

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