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LF: What's the best receiver?

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Subject: LF: What's the best receiver?
From: "Martin Evans." <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 09:59:50 -0000
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Good morning all.

I'm Martin, GW3UCJ, located in the Swansea Valley in South West Wales. It's a very poor radio location, surrounded by hills.
I've been interested in 136 for several years, listened on and off as
workload permits, but had very little time to get properly involved.
I've been subscribed to this newsgroup for a while.

I have a Kenwood TS950 and have also used a couple of W & G SLMs - I currently have a SPM-14. I also had a Datong converter for a while.
I know that the 950 is recognised as being stone deaf on 136 - I've only
ever heard - or should I say seen - a few UK stations, nothing more - and I
don't like using the selective level meters.
Bearing in mind that price is important, what would you suggest for a good
receiver on 136?
I know that the TS850 is good, but that's too expensive at the moment.

Are such things as the Lowe HF125/150/225 etc any good?  Or the AOR 7030?

Your comments will be much appreciated.

Martin Evans                 email: [email protected]
Mollie's Loft Books
31 Cilmaengwyn
Swansea                   Tel UK: 01792 863 556
SA8 4QL                 From US: 011 44 1792 863 556


Specialising in Welsh interest, the Sciences & Technology.

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