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Subject: Re: LF: CW MODE
From: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 17:40:29 EDT
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To g3kev
Dear Mal,
It is with great reluctance that I rise to your bait!
You are not the only old timer on this band or any other!
I am now into my sixties but recognise that this hobby whether pursued for leisure or scientific reasons is meant to be a broad church. there are times when I too feel that maybe I should resent those who have obtained their licences in a less rigourous manner than maybe I judge was the case for me. But so be it! I don't make the rules. We live in a free and democratic country and if we do not approve of life as it is lived we are conditionally free to exercise our democratic rights.
I too can remember spending hours into the grey dawn learning how to program a 4-bit micro to send my callsign. I can also remember the embarrasment of spending hours while a local G3+++ debugged some of my awfull soldering on a UK101 single board computor!
At various stages both in professional life in the comms industry and in the hobby I was and still am humble enough to request and acknowledge with gratitude the help, advice and assistance of those with greater knowledge and experience. Sometimes I am both humbled and flattered when someone expects the same from me.
Now, I think this is getting out of hand and let's face it! Life is too short and the field of human endeavour worth far more than childish put downs. The future of this hobby requires that we all behave as a community, supporting each other.
If anyone is trying to keep score, then, please don't. And that includes participants!
Can we please, please get back to AMATEUR RADIO ?
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