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Subject: LF: CW MODE
From: "hamilton mal" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 00:18:53 +0100
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It seems every time that CW is mentioned as an efficient mode of communications, especially on LF when one has to consider bandwidth because we only have about 2khz available, some seem to get upset and reply in a derogatory manner.
There is no other mode currently in use that suits radio amateur type activity when considering bandwidth and transfer of information. Commercial activity is entirely different where large amounts of through traffic is essential and the users employ appliance operators, with basic skills.
I have been involved over the years with FDM and TDM systems and other associated modes and these are fine for commercial applications but not suitable for the radio amateur with only a signal report exchange.
For those enquiring. I started computer technology in the days when one had to build/assemble their own computer and write the appropriate software. I also started amateur radio when the only option was self build, especially the TX or modify ex govt equipment.The GPO licence then was for CW only for the first 12 months and phone was only permitted after proving that the licencee had worked a minimum of 200 successful CW QSO'S.
How things have changed. Some one on here recently remarked that the most difficult part of getting a radio amateur licence at present was being able to fill in the appropriate FORMS !!!!!!!!!
de G3KEV (retired RADIO and Electronics Officer, Aeronautical, Marine and Fixed Services)
for those who do not know what that means. Licensed to operate from aircraft, ships, fixed ground stations aeronautical or marine and government establishments.
The morse test was at a speed of 25 wpm or 30 wpm for the extra class and the duration of the test was for 15 minutes non stop. The technical papers examinations required at least 60 percent pass but most achieved between 70 - 90 percent.
To day the pass mark required is around 30 percent at university.
These statistics might upset even more people !!
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